Win a LEAF Handpan plus HCT Case & a RAV VAST & DEEPAN HANDPAN at the GRIASDI 2017

I am so very happy about, that at this years GRIASDI GATHERING & FESTIVAL, most beautiful sponsors are ready to support this event !

With the raffle of a RAV VAST (thank you Andrey !) and a DEEPAN HANDPAN (thx soooo much Daniel) the GRIASDI supports a beautiful NEPAL AID PROJECT – the Friends for Nepal – Himalayan Development Aid project. The entire proceeds from the draw will benefit the project!

First dream that comes true:

Among the participants of the gathering, a LEAF handpan including the appropriate HCT case will be raffled. Each entry ticket is therefore also a great opportunity to win a high-class handpan!

Thank you so much Alessio from Hardcase Technologies and Zach, the LEAF Soundsculptures maker for this generous sponsorship !

video: LEAF Soundsculpture

Zachary Jennifer Lamscha: <<To keep things intersting we need to show the people that we are willing to give, especially in this time and day we all need to respect and care for each other, i want to give this Leaf for the sake of the festival to help start and keep such a wonderfull tradition, thereby also giving others hope and excitment at the same time. >>

Second dream that comes true:

Andrey, the maker of the RAV VAST sponsors one RAV VAST (Vast 2 B Celtic minor) that we will raffle, to collect money for the Nepal Aid Project. The participation for this raffle will be possible for every visitor of the GRIASDI 2017 !

AND: Daniel Berger, the maker of the beautiful DEEPAN HANDPANS is sponsoring one of his instruments as well to rais money for NEPAL. The participation for this raffle will be possible for every visitor of the GRIASDI 2017 !


Cant wait to welcome all of you at the GRIASDI 2017 – DINAGDONGADING !

Peace and Love and all the best vibes to all of you