Fresh GRIASDI 2017 NEWS — TICKETS at the Event, EVENT INFORMATION, the daily LINEUP and more….

Dear beautiful souls from PANIVERSE – check out this fresh information about the GRIASDI 2017 – get ready & trust me, it will be a most beautiful time we will share on a phantastic place ! 



  • UPDATE (31.May 2017: also this Tickets are SOLD OUT now !!! ) A VERY LAST and absolutly STRICT contigent of 21 Tickets for the Gathering is available in the Webshop. The price is  the same (100 Euro), but the buyers of this 21 Tickets will have no chance to win the LEAF Handpan i have offered to the 200 official participants. It would be really unfair to the 200 who are into the raffle already, in my opinion ! It will be announced, when this last 21 tickets will be able to buy. Good luck !
  • There are still PRICE REDUCED tickets in stock for the 2 days FESTIVAL , sold for 55 Euro – Take your chance !
  • There will be (nearly unlimited, because at the new GRIASDI 2017 Area we can invite up to 2000 people) all kind of FESTIVAL TICKETS available, directly at the GRIASDI location ! The 2-Days-Ticket will be 60 Euro (camping included), the One-Day-Ticket for Saturday will be 35 Euro (live music from 3pm, entrance from 9am) and the One-Day-Ticket for Sunday will be 30 Euro (live music as well from 3pm, entrance from 9am) and for “Camping Extra” we will charge 5 Euro (we will keep it simple, so same price if one night or two nights).
  • The participants of 4 Days GATHERING are welcome from Wednesday, the 26th July, starting from 4pm so that the can build up their Camping Setup (and maybe also to give helping hands for the last “things that needed to be done”, related to the preperation of the Gathering 😉 )
  • There will be a  OPENING (CACAO) CEREMONY for the GRIASDI 2017 Gathering, starting at probably 10 am on Thursday 27th ! “My” two beloved Shaman Souls from El Salvador & Columbia, Mauricio & Gloria are ready to prepare, together with all of us who take part, most beautiful organic Cacao – please people, bring your own cups (no plastic !!!) to help us with organisation and to prevent litter. thx !
  • The Live-Stage-Timeline and LINEUP for the Gathering and Festival is published now !
  • The LINEUP for the GRIASDI 2017 is fixed – the TIMETABLE can be change slightly 😉 

    ~~~~~~~~ GATHERING ~~~~~~~~

    T H U R S D A Y (27th July)
    ~ doors open for setting up the camping from Wed.26th at 4pm ~
    * Opening (Cacao) Ceremony – with music surprise (starting around 10am)
    * Christian Amín Vàrkonyi PROJECT (starting around 8:30pm)
    * Kabeção‘s – Solo Magic


    F R I D A Y (28th July)
    * MADAHADU (Marcel Hutter & David Hauser) (starting around 8:30pm)
    * Dani Galfione

    ~~~~~~~~ GATHERING & FESTIVAL~~~~~~~~

    S A T U R D A Y (29th July – Live Music starting around 3pm)
    * Azeem Alvi – the SITARIST & RAGA PROJECT
    * Alexandre Lora
    * Peter Gabis & Salah Ammo
    * NADISHANA Solo
    * Adrian J Portia
    * Jeremy Nattagh & Adele Blanchin

    * “dance till sunrise after show party” (indoor, Dj setup – DJ GOBAJASHI)


    S U N D A Y (30th July – Live Music starting around 3pm)
    (* Surprise, Surprise)
    * Southamerican Vibes Surprise
    * Pintoo, Haider & Iqbal Khan
    * Kabeção & Joao Nunes & Sebastiao Bergmann
    * Closing Ceremony


I cant wait to welcome all of you beautiful Souls at the this years GRIASDI – i already can feel, that we will share a magical beautiful time together !