LINEUP fixed now + many more new Information about the GRIASDI 2018

Here we go with some fresh news and information about the GRIASDI 2018. Many things are fixed now and its already clear, that this Event will be most beautiful and probably a mindblowing one for you, dear good people from PANIVERSE. Stay tuned by checking back to the GRIASDI 2018 Website to don’t miss any further news !

From now on, the “GRIASDI 2018 Organizers Office” will be kind of closed till end of February (please be patient for some days with answers to requests and the sending of tickets you will buy in this time). We the organizers will enjoy some weeks in the sun now 😉

GRIASDI 2018 LINEUP is fixed now – this are the NEW booked Acts ! ALL the GRIASDI 2018 LINEUP you find at the Lineup Info (more information/description of all booked acts will follow and will be published at the LINEUP page soon)

KHAYALAN (PRT) – Kabeção (Pantam), Zé Cruz (Trompet, Hulusi, Kalimba), Sebastiao Bergmann (Percussion), Joao Jardim (Didgeridoo)

Mark Lupescu & Leonardo Trincabelli (DEU/ITA)
feat. Sasha Agranov (URY)



The 4-Days-Gathering-Tickets (strictly limited to 222 subscribers!):
With this Ticket you are welcome for all 4 days of the Event & you also will take part automaticly at the HANDPAN Raffle (a SYMPHONIC STEEL
Handpan, worth 2000€)!

Camping (from Wed 25th to Mon 31st July – yes, you can chill-out on sunday to drive back on monday!) and unlimited Drinking Water at the Event is included as well with this Ticket! get your ticket NOW: 4-Days-Gathering-Tickets (strictly limited to 222 subscribers!)

A big up and Thank you to the GRIASDI 2018 Sponsors (they will be present at the event):

* Pantams – this Handpans will be raffeled/given at the event:
SYMPHONIC STEEL (will be raffeled for the max.222 subscribers of the 4-days-tickets)
MISHTE Instruments
VIBE Handpans
LEAF Soundsculptures

* Handpan Cases
Hardcase Technologies – all raffeled Pantams will come with a Case by HCT

* Microphones/Stage-equipment
Nada Brahma Microphones

HANDPAN MAKERS on sight at the GRIASDI 2018 (already confirmed now):

AYASA Handpan (NL) [Ralf Van Den Bor], BLESSPAN (IT) [Tommaso Varriale], DEEPAN Handpans (AT) [Daniel Berger], KARUMI Steel (PL) [Zbyszek Weglinski], LUNA Handpans (DE) [Sebastian Rutkowski], LUPAN Handpans (ES) [Mark Lupescu), MAG Handpan (HU) [Patrik Szombathely], Meridian Handpan (UK) [Duncan Arnot], Myst Instruments (FR) [Vincent Guilbaud], OXYMORA Instruments (AT) [Mark Ullrich], SPIDER Handpans (RO) [Marius Farcas] …..more to come

We are already looking forward to meet all of you at the GRIASDI 2018 !