GRIASDI 2018 – 4-days subscribers can win 2 Handpans !

Dear “GRIASDI Family” !

Here we go with fresh good news for all of you, who will come to GRIASDI 2018:

There will be a raffle for a Handpan for all the limited 222 subscribers of the 4-days-event. The GRIASDI 2018 4-days ticket is automaticly also a ticket for this handpan-lottery – a chance of 1:222 to win a beautiful Symphonic Steel ISKRA Handpan, worth 2000 Euro!

The fresh good news is, that the first 150 buyers of a 4-days-tickets (now 65 tickets already sold) have a 2nd chance to win another Hanpan – MISHTE Khamseen Handpan!

This option for the 2nd handpan to win, is only valid till 10th of March!!! If there are less than 150 sold on 11th of March, the chance for those, who has already bought their tickets raises up. ?

So you can even win 2 Handpans if you are fast enough (before 11th of March) and you are one of the first 150 subscribers ! 🙂

So you better take your chance and buy your GRIASDI 2018 4-days ticket NOW! Good luck !

See you at GRIASDI 2018