NEWS about the GRIASDI 2018 Handpan & World Music Gathering and Festival

We are happy to announce another sponsor and manufacturer who will be attending at the GRIASDI 2018 – and the list of WORKSHOPS and the FRAME PROGRAMME is getting more and more complete !

I think that (nearly?) all of you know and love the RAV VAST. Andrey (the maker of the RAV Vast) is again ready to sponsor one of his beautiful instruments for a raffle this year and he also will be at the GRIASDI 2018 in person. He will also bring with him a beautiful musical surprise from Russia to a stage …. trust me, you already can look forward to !

HANDPAN MAKERS & SPONSORS at GRIASDI 2018 (listing is not completed)

Right now the organizers are working on the “fine tuning” (fe.timetable) for the WORKSHOPS and also the FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME (and other things). Most of the HANDPAN WORKSHOPS will be offered to the 222 lucky participants of the 4-days-event. Above all, the Workshops are planned for wednesday and thursday also because friday and saturday will be much more crowdy, caused by all the one- and two days festival visitors.

Get more information about the WORKSHOPS at GRIASDI 2018 by following this link !


The GRIASDI 2018 – FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME is not completet yet, but there are already many beautiful acts fixed. There will be an open-air-screening of Ludwig Valentas Movie “We are Sound”, a beautiful Event Opening Act will happen, Dr.Bubbles – the magican of soap bubbles will be with us again and many more……

Get more information about the FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME at GRIASDI 2018 by following this link !


Right now it’s just little bit more than 100 days to the GRIASDI 2018, but only ~ 90 gathering tickets (4-days-event) are left !
Dont miss your chance to be part of the GRIASDI 2018 gathering and better get your ticket(s) NOW !

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We are already VERY looking forward to meet all of you at the GRIASDI 2018 to share a  beautiful time together !