NEWS about the GRIASEICH 2019 Gathering

Now it is only one more month and the GRIASEICH 2019 PANTAM & WORLD MUSIC GATHERING will start and it is time to provide you with news about:


This year the amount of tickets are not limited – and you also will get your ticket directly at the event (as long, as it will be not too many people 😉 …. you never know…).

BUT – only if you buy your ticket in the pre-sales-webshop, you will take part at the PANTAM-RAFFLE. There will be at least one Instrument (Case included) be raffeled for the online-tickets-holders.

UGUR Handpan played by Adrian Portia (the Pan showen is not exactly the Pan we raffle)

Thank you “UGUR Handpans” and “HCT” for the sponsorship !

(if you want to support GRIASEICH with a sponsorship, please contact us. Thx)

THE PRE SELLING of TICKETS will end one week befor the event starts. Then your chance of taking part in the Raffle is gone !

You better get your ticket NOW if you want to be in for the raffle(s) !


Like every year HANDPAN MAKERS are most welcome to take part at the event to show and sell their Instruments. If you want to setup a stall and you need some support (fe. power line for the stall) feel free to contact us at “” and we will support you. Makers are very very welcome to take part !


If you want to setup a stall to show and sell things at the event, please contact us at “” and let us know, which products you want to sell there. We will let you know about conditions and will also support you if you need fe. a powerline for your stall…..


Basicly EVERYBODY who is part of the event can offer Workshops or other Activities to the community. There will be an INFO BOARD (also Paper and Pens and all you need to create an announcement) and everybody is invited to place offers there. This can be for example “Retuning Services”, “Handpan Workshops”, “Music and Singing Workshops”, “Yoga Workshops”, “Sound Travels”, “Juggle Workshop”,…… and so on. Be creative, share your passion with others & organize yourself. The event area is big and offers many great locations. outdoor, and indoor as well……


As you know, this year there is no booked and fixed lineup. BUT there are stages and there will be also stage-equipment in a basic setup. We will have an OPEN STAGE to welcome spontanious jamming / playing on stage.

Since its a “Free Flow Event” you also can go to setup a concert for the community. We will setup a list showing the timeframes and the open slots for playing concerts. Get your slot, arrange it with the sound-engineer, announce it on the INFO BOARD and play…….

We are already VERY LOOKING FORWARD to welcome you guys for the GRIASEICH 2019! Let’s jam and share a beautiful FREE FLOW Time !