GRIASEICH 2019 Gathering – thats what you can expect there…….

The GRIASEICH 2019 is a HANDPAN & MUSIC GATHERING. Unlike the GRIASDI festivals, there is no pre-announced Lineup – but there will be wonderful spontaneous concerts every night. Let yourself be surprised…….

The Basis, the main idea about this “free flow Gathering” is SHARING. Everyone has something to share. A Talent, a Story, a Song, Knowledge, Experiences, Dreams, an Idea, a Hug, Love, Music, Patterns, Sounds or just an Apple….. In this event, the framework is created to share our passion about Handpans and Music in first place – but also to share many other things…..

What else, beside the Camping, Food and Drinks and Chill & Jam Areas you can expect there ?

Here we go with an incomplete list of GRIASEICH offers:

HANDPAN WORKSHOPS led by professional Handpanplayers like Alexandre Lora, Christian Amín Vàrkonyi,…………..

Beside the Handpan Workshops, there will be also offers about other Workshop themes like Yoga, Handpan Making (tuning), Playing with Bubbles, Soundhealing, Singing,……

EVATEK PAINTING by Pam Gogh Marinelli & HANDPAN ENGRAVING by Karen Meunier. Pam is well known in the community as THE Handpan Case Painter. Her work is stunning beautiful and at the event you have the chance, that Pam will paint your Handpan Case….

Karen Meunier will offer HANDPAN ENGRAVINGS at the event. She’s a professional glass engraver, graphic designer and illustrator with more than 30 years of experience.

If you have any special requests or want to bring your own image, please bring a paper print out in the target size.

HANDPAN MAKERS AREA with well known and also new Handpan Makers from all over (Deepan, Vienna Pan Lab, Mishte, Harmonic Sculpture, PanAlp Instruments,……..) including Retuning Services….

Picture by SHELLOPAN

PANTAM Makers will bring also Instruments to test and play them – and also to buy them. Its a great chance to play different Handpans made by different Makers as well as different scales…..

GRIASPAN – “Do it Yoursef HANDPAN MAKING/TUNING — learning by doing”

9 adult and self responsible people are invited to try the tuning hammer– for free – at GRIASEICH – organized and offered by Birgit Pestal from PANLAB VIENNA

You are provided with a tuning station, linotune (tuningsoftware), a rubber hammer and a tuning hammer. One shell with 8+1 notes is prepared by Birgit Pestal for D-Amara scale. Each participant gets one note, maximum tuning time is 60mins! 

Please follow this link to get all Information about…...GRIASPAN”

OPEN STAGE & LIVE CONCERTS featured by a mindblowing new Soundsystem….. your ears will make big eyes …..

Every day during the day, we will decide which Live Concerts we will set on stage in the evening or at night. Everyone is invited to perform on stage!
Naturschallwandler® (translation: nature sound transducer) is an innovative loudspeaker system made in Germany that enables a precise holographic reproduction (acoustic hologram) of music & sounds… guys, you will be blown away. get ready for deep listening…….

Jürgen in action

SOUND HEALING and GONG Sessions by Jürgen Huck and Wotan Alvaro Sun, who also will do an “Event Opening Activity” like he did 2018 beside the Workshops they will offer at the event.

Enjoy and dive into DEEP LISTENING to explore the unlimited Universe of Sounds and Frequencies. …….

picture from the Opening of GRIASDI 2018


Life is a dance – for the love of Cacao!!! Sometimes you dance alone, sometimes you dance together. Life is a dance you learn as you go.

CacaoLoveJourney – follow the voice of your heart and your soul, supported by ceremonial cacao from Peru.

Taste and feel the power of sacred cacao, voice and motion, hosted by Kun Deva


BUBBLE MAGIC & KIDS CREATIVE CORNER – since there have been many kids at the event the last years, also this year we will try to make this event unforgetable also for kids.

Every day there will be bubbles and lots of activities like painting & crafting at the “Kids Creative Corner” led by Conny……

Also Marco will be at the GRIASEICH 2019 again with his tent full of instruments. Like the last years he will also this year offer every day “Kids Music Workshops” for free…….

We really try our best to give a beautiful good time at the event also to the Kids and we love to see, that every year there are more and more kids showing up at the event. By the way, for Kids the event is free. They do not need a ticket……

MARKET AREA – offered will be varied goods ranging from handicrafts to wonderful musical instruments of every kind …..

Böllerbauer / Austria