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BASIC INFOS about the GRIASDI 2017

The 4 days Gathering will be limited to 200 participants (sold out!) – also to keep the “family feeling”. In the first 2 days (Thursday and Friday) a foculs will be on Community Life & “Healing with Sounds and Music.

There will be related workshops, teachings and offers like massage, sound bath, yoga and many more. Beside this focus, there also will be Handpan Workshops, Hardcase Painting, Handpan retuning services and many more. Thursday and Friday, every night there will be 2 Live Acts on stage.

And dont forget: Among the participants of the gathering, a LEAF handpan including the appropriate HCT case will be raffled. Each entry ticket is therefore also a great opportunity to win a high-class handpan!

More Info about  the GRIASDI 2017 Healing Area.

This Year, there will be a Unplugged Stage for all 4 days at the GRIASDI. On this stage, everybody is welcome for jam’s and ‘playing concerts’  !

Saturday and Sunday will be the GRIASDI 2017 FESTIVAL Days & the participants of the Handpan Gathering will unite with the Festival guests who just come for this 2 days. There will be extra tickets for this Festival Days. Beside the “full load” of most beautiful live music on stage, there will be Pantam retuning services, HANDPAN lotterys, PANTAM Workshops, a PANTAM making Workshop, and , and, and ….. On saturday, the live music on stage will start at 4pm !  Beside the Handpan musicians, we will welcome and enjoy great musicians from India, Africa, Syria and many more countries. See the  GRIASDI 2017 LINEUP .

The most valuable things about this event are neither the artists on the stage, nor the “success of the event”. The most valuable are the people who participate – and especially the encounters that will happen … and our sharing and try, to make the world at least a little better place (supporting the NEPAL Aid Project)
Peace and Love – we are all ONE!

The GRIASDI is organized by PANIVERSE.ORG and is a declared NON PROFIT EVENT ! All earnings of this event will go to support the FRIENDS FOR NEPAL Aid Project