Frequently asked Querstions about the GRIASDI 2017

Q: Whats the difference of the 4 days gathering and the 2 days festival tickets ?
A: The GATHERING takes place from thursday to sunday is limited to 200 participants. The gathering is about meeting, sharing time, jamming and also community activities – while the festival (saturday and sunday) days are focused on live music on stage.
With the 4 day tickets you take also automatically at the raffle of the LEAF handpan part (the winner gets the handpan – not the right to buy them, by the way)

Q: Can i bring my family ? my kids ? my dog ?
A: The GRIASDI 2017 is a famly-friendy event. Kids are most welcome and their entry is free till the age of 14. Also free entry for people older than 70. All ages groups are most welcome ! About bringing pets: how i could tell if it is good or not to bring your dog/pet ? we want to see happy faces at the GRIASDI – so if your pet will be happy at an event like this, and can handle many people, why not. But please think about, that mostly events like that means stress for pets!

Q: If i cant manage to bring a tent, are there rooms to rent at the festival or near by ?
A: We will try to even offer a “camping setup” (something like dormetory in a Tipi) for those who come without a tent – but no guarantee for this. All adresses and contact about renting rooms near the festival, you can find on the GRIASDI 2017 Location Page.

Q: is there any shuttle-service ? i will arrive by using public transport so i dont know how to make it to the festival area.
A: We will organize a shuttle service from the nearest railway-station (“Stadt Haag” – its 1:30 from Vienna, 30 min from Linz) to the festival area from wednesday at 13:00 (1st day of arrival) till thursday at 13:00.

Q: How about food and drinks at the festival?
A: At the festival there will be a wide range of offerd streetfood. It will be a VEGETARIAN FESTIVAL. So all food-offers will be vegan or vegetarian. If you cant stay away from eating animals, nobody will spit on you 😉 – but prefered is a voluntary renouncment – thx !

Q: What about toilets and showers at the Event Area ?
A: At the festival area there is even a little lake for swimming, cool down and washing (no soap!) – and yes, toilets are of corse available. They are integrated in the Festival main building. So no “mobile toilets” anymore 😉

Q: What if i have a ticket, but because of any reason finally i cant make it to the festival. Is there a refunding ?
A: The interest for this event is big – and “normally”, more people want to take part as possible. If one participant fails, the other is most likely immediately happy about the possible participation – we will find a way !

Q: I really would like to be part of this event – but unfortunatly i have no money at all. Any chance to nevertheless take part ?
A: There will be a need for volunteers at the event. Infos about will get published soon. Taking part as a Volunteer is a good chance to dont miss it, without paying for.

Q: Thats a nice FAQ, but my questiuon is not covered here. What to do ?
A: Contact the GRIASDI 2017 Organisation at – “festival-at-paniverse-dot-org” !