At the GRIASDI 2017 Gathering, there will be a focus on “healing with sounds and vibes”. We will create a secured place to have the best framing for “healing work”.  There will be related Workshops and teachings. Its a perfect opportunity to connect with other “healers” to learn from each other and develope new ideas & to connect more intense.


* BANDGLADESH (World) – Live at the Bubble

Live at the bubble is both – a concert and a movie, one and another framed in the unique
experience of being inside a space without references; and inflateable 60 sq mt sphere of white cloth. The public is invited to come in, sit or lie down confortably and experience the sound and visual relationship that unfolds….The bubble can host max 50 adults/children, the set is about 75 minutes

* JAVIER MURUGARREN (Spain) – From partnering to contact improvisation

<<When Body, Mind, and Spirit are united in their instinctive wisdom one finds ones-self at home in every moment expressing one’s true nature. – Moti Zemelman >> Contact Improvisation – In this workshop, we will practice partnering exercises to get acquainted to each other and to organically enter in contact. By exploring the ‘golden moment’ before the touch we will practice both presence and present.



My intention for sessions is to bring together bodywork like shiatsu and cranio with various sounds, experience of my theatre background and intuitive healing. So this way I try to create a certain space.
* Follow inner movement.
* Feel your own rhythm.
* Listen to inner sound.
* Getting more mindfullness for your body.
* Free yourself from emotional and physical tensions through mindful embodiment.
* Enjoy deep stillness.
I will be weaving together an alchemical blend of Shiatsu, Visionary Craniosacral Work ®, Theater, and Sound to invite you into deep body, mind, and soul alignment., touching body, soul and mind.
* Individual Sessions
* Workshop (4-8 people), Exercises to increase awareness of inner and outer posture, getting a sense of individual movement and listen to group soul.


DANIELA SUKO & NIZAN KALINA (Austria) – Acrobatic / Dance / Body Awareness

Daniela’s “Sound Bed” – Playing the instrument produces a harmonious spectrum of highly
overtone-rich sounds. On the instrument, the sound can be experienced through the hearing, the contact vibration and resonance effects in a whole body and allows deep relaxation to the trance.

Daniela and Nizan are both trained dancers and acrobats. They will playfully teach you the basic elements of the partner acrobatics. Relaxing acro-yoga sequences are part of the process. The offered workshops you can join with a partner or alone!



Hangab is a unique method to let go in the upsidedown position. From a relaxed laying position at first only the feet will be lifted up, then the hips and then the lower back…
Being hoisted slowly and in stages until here is already a pleasant and beneficial experience. Whoever wants to get into complete hanging, can even deepen this state that is often experienced as beyond time and space. Going up slowly step by step lets the organism adapt and prevents an unpleasant pressure in the head. Once in reverse position, the soft treatment will additionally be supported with sound healing elements as singing bowl, drum or tuning fork.
“Relaxation for the back and the spine” is what many might think and what we can confirm, but experiences have shown far more effects that can lead the body and mind into a state of deep relaxation, which is also known as stillpoint, where the body and energy-system can newly reload.


* CARLA BERINDA (Austria) – Ayuveda / Massage / Yoga & Dance / Tantra

Luscious Love of Life

<<It is time to take back our power. It is time not only to allow
ourselves to be silly, but also to embrace our silliness, worship it, and infect as many others with it as we can. – Barbara Carrellas>>


DANIELA SUKO – SOUND MASSAGE ~ deep relaxation on the sound

On the instrument, the sound is heard, listening to the sound vibrations and through resonance effects. The strike of the 39 strings, all of which are tuned to the same tone, produces a harmonious spectrum of highly overtone sounds and allows wonderful states of deep relaxation.
The following therapeutic effects have been demonstrated in clinical trials:
* Pain reduction and muscle relaxation
* Supporting emotional conflicts such as loss of experience, grief and anxiety
* Tonus enhancements, better body perception and strengthened feeling of balance
* Increase vitality
* Increased concentration, improved mobility and coordination
* Significant positive changes in the physical-mental condition
Let yourself be touched and enveloped by the world of sounds …


* SASCHA JAYRAM & CLAUDIA BRANDSTÖTTER (Austria) – Nuad Thai Massage / Mind-Reset / Yoga / Soundbaths

“When male and female combine, all things achieve harmony.” – Tao Te Ching

Sascha and Claudia, two souls with a strong foundation in their private relationship as well, rise each other when they work together, bringing out both the feminine and masculine qualities, the yin and yang that complement each other in order to be in full harmony.

Both trained in traditional eastern bodywork techniques, they help you with a two or four hands massage to get into deep relaxation whilst offering genuine care for your body & soul, including tradtional rituals in the beginning of a session.

Experience also a unique soundbath not only through your ears but through every cell of your body. Claudias soft and soothing voice melts into the play of various relaxing sounds that give you the chance of drifting away on an individual journey.

To get the day started you can dive into a refreshing, activating and dynamic morning yoga class, whereas “Late-Birds” can join in a gentle Sunset Yoga Flow class to close their day in a healing way. No previous experience needed – all levels welcome!

Treats with the two:
* Traditional Nuad Thai Massage (& Sound Healing)
* 4-handed Thai Massage & Lavender Mind-Reset (mind-reset = neck, head & facial massage)
* Individual Soundbath (a small mini-soundtrack for 1-4 people with winds, frame drum, sound bowl, monochord, Oceandrum)
* Dynamic Morning Yoga to Wake Up – possibly final relaxation with sound
* Gentle Sunset Yoga Flow – possibly sound during the class

* HASSIE DUNE (Netherlands) – Frequency Awareness // Sound Senses

In his workshop Hassie is facilitating a positive sound-energy field in which we can actively strengthen our self healing capacity’s. By combining chi-kung, meditation and visualization techniques (using the potential of actively thinking), he provides a base for grounding and revitalization of the mind and body.
A joyful inspiring harmonious 1,5 hour in which happy feelings, meditative moods and detoxifying movements are embedded in gentle sounds of the N’goni (West African Harp), Scruti box (India) & Voice


ANDEO (Austria) – Sound Healing Ceremony / Uplifting Singing Circle

Andeo is traveller between the worlds, keeper of sacred sound space, lover of life, father of three, heart-musician, humble servant of love, thankful warrior of peace and light, simple man and brother of you!

Sound Healing Ceremony (1,5h, up to 20 people)
In this sound healing ceremony Andeo will take you on a magical journey into the realms of your inner being. Sound will guide the way. Andeo will use high-frequent instruments like the gong, hang, singing bowls flutes, kailang, overtone singing,… You can experience deep relaxation, recharge your self, let your emotions flow and enjoy the mystic force of sound.

Uplifting Singing-Circle (1,5h unlimited people)
We are going to experience the great delight of using our voices together. We will chant easy songs from all over the world and give space to let our voices and hearts fly freely. A field of oneness and connection will arise, joy and wellbeing is the outcome. Everywhere people all over the world come together to sing. Will you?


* BERND FEICHTER (Austria) – Integrative Sound Pedagogy / Digeridoos

The Integrative Sound Pedagogy is a holistic and cross-cutting concept that deals with the significance of sounds for the development of the personality.
<<When you feel your inner sound, nothing can disturb you from the outside – Osho>>


* DR BUBBELS (Austria) – Soap Bubbles Magic

Dr. Bubbles in colorful garment, makes giant soap bubbles in every land. Who sees these colorful shapes,takes off with it and gapes! Awakens the inner child into it’s heart, the joy is spread to every part. Kids have it easy here, the success is very near……