Beside the Live Music Acts and the Workshops, there will be also lots of framework programme at the GRIASDI 2018. Some of the Hightlights is listed here.

Collective OPENING EVENT by Wotan von Lichtenberg  (Wednesday 25th July 2018)

Human Orchester and the Sound of the Circle !

 Free your voice, breath, connect with the earth and the sky and simply be the child you have always been. In the pureness of your heart.

This opening circle is designed to empower you in your natural magnificence and synchronize the Vibration of the Griasdi Tribe.

You will be guided to drop off your intellect and to connect to your body and true nature to experience yourself as a universal instrument of sound.

Wotan von Lichtberg
 Founder of the blossoming Heart Culture Festival, experienced musician on stage and father of two beautiful children, obviously loves what he does. Using sound healing, Wotan guides people at workshops, retreats, single session`s and circle gatherings world wide to truly connect with their souls and fellows. As an intuitiv coach and herbal medicine producer he is gifted with a wide tool selection to support people finding their own wealth and joy in life.

Motto in life: highest joy on earth!

WE ARE SOUND (Movie, german with english subtitel) by Ludwig Valenta – Open Air Cinema (Wednesday 25.July 2018 – around 22:30)

 The movie “We are Sound” will be shown to all of the participans of the 4-days-gathering (for free). It’s an awarded documentation movie, made by the Austrian Movie Maker Ludvig Valenta who will be at the event as well. Some of the scenes are taken at the GRIASDI 2017 and also some protagonist are from the Handpan community. And yes, its about sound and Pantams as well.

We live in a world where the people can’t see any more the sense of the predominant value system „Higher, faster stronger“ alone. The humans in the industrialized countries suffer – despite of material prosperity – from diseases like burn-out, depression, drug-addiction etc. Why? Because of the missing connection to ourselves – we have forgotten our own melody.To get by on sound every single human being can vibrate in harmony again. How do i sound? And how does the world sound?


DR.BUBBLES – the magican of Soap Bubbles (all 4 days)

 Dr. Bubbles (Aramis Gehberger) is an international visualization artist, entertainer and magician of soap bubbles.

Not only at last year’s GRIASDI he has enchanted many with his art, also at other international events like Formula 1 GP Bahrain(4x), Doha Tribecca Film Festival, Red Bull Headquarter opening celebration he is booked because of his uniqueness.

His magic of soap bubbles does not only enchant children ….

Cassiopeias Hang OUT (all 4 days)

An oasis for all senses
A hammock invites you to relax, unwind and look inwards. It is a place of encounter, with oneself, with nature and with friends.
Welcome to Cassiopeias Hang OUT – a place where time thieves do not have access ….

 Ein Oase für alle Sinne
Eine Hängematte lädt ein, die Seele baumeln zu lassen, sich zu entspannen und den Blick nach innen zu richten. Sie ist ein Ort der Begegnung, mit Sich, der Natur und auch mit Freunden.
Sei willkommen in Cassiopeias Hang OUT – ein Ort an dem die Zeitdiebe keinen Zutritt haben….

Mail: (David)
Tel: +43 699 18305399

MUSIKLARIUM  by Andrea Hufnagel (AUT) & Pablo Bertone (ARG) – – Saturday 28th July)

Andrea Hufnagl from Austria
music & dance pedagogue, yoga instructor & musician

Pablo Bertone from Argentina
music pedagogue, clown, musician and sound therapist

It is inspired by the idea of awakening the spirit of music and rhythm in people, sharing the joy of playing music together and promoting intercultural communication through music.

Reise Musiklarium – eine musikalisch-didaktische Reise um die Welt

 Ein Musiktheater zum Lachen und Staunen.
Kommt mit auf Reisen und lasst Euch auf ein bunt gemischtes musikalisches Abenteuer entführen.
Gemeinsam wollen wir auf vergnügliche Weise die verschiedenen Kontinente und deren Musik entdecken. Es erwarten Euch sonderbare Instrumente, exotische Klänge, Melodien aus dem Orient, kuriose Klang-Landschaften aus dem Dschungel, belebende Rhythmen aus Afrika und viele weitere Überraschungen! Dabei begleitet Euch ein magisches, neues Instrument – das Hang – durch die klangvolle Geschichte.
Am Ende werden die einzelnen Instrumente und deren Herkunft vorgestellt: Instrumente können ausprobiert werden und zusammen lassen wir die Rhythmen und Melodien der verschiedenen Kontinente erklingen.
Ein außergewöhnliches Erlebnis für die ganze Familie, mit Musik, Akrobatik, Clownerie, Tanz, und Vielem mehr. Ein ganz besonders lustiges, dynamisches und bezauberndes Stück, das von Anfang bis Ende spannend bleibt.

“Wir laden Euch ein uns mit allen Sinnen auf eine lustige Entdeckungsreise zu begleiten, mehr über verschiedene Kulturen der Erde zu erfahren und dabei viel zu lachen.”

“Die Musik ist die gemeinsame Sprache aller Nationen dieser Erde.”


Musiklarium – an artistic-educational journey around the world

A musical theater for laughter and wonder.
Join us on this journey and get ready for a colorful musical adventure.
Together we will discover different continents and their music while having a lot of fun. Rare instruments, exotic sounds, melodies from the Orient, curious jungle soundscapes, energizing rhythms from Africa and many more surprises are awaiting you! A magical new instrument – the HANG – will guide us through this story of sounds.
At the end of the show, the different instruments and their origin are introduced: instruments can be tried out and together we will bring the rhythms and melodies of the different continents to life.
An extraordinary experience for the whole family, with music, acrobatics, clownery, dance and much more. A particularly funny, dynamic and enchanting play, which remains exciting from beginning to end.

“We invite you to accompany us with all your senses on a fun discovery trip, to learn more about different cultures of the world while laughing with us.”

“Music is the common language of all nations on this earth.”

Saturday 28th Junly  & maybe Sunday 29th July
~ 50 min

MUSICAL NAP in the Cosmic Boat by Sandy Mango

 We invite you to share a musical journey with our senses, our bodies and our dreams.
Participants are invited to relax, with small exercises that help to appropriate the space,
while paying attention to their breathing.

Then lie in a circle on floor mats.
After a meditative reading that invite to introspection, the musical nap can begin.
Exploring our inner landscapes through music and poetry,
from voice to percussion, from singing bowls to flutes, and handpan…


2 hours
Price : 20 euros
Maximum participant : ~ 30 people
contact reservations :

LUNAR ECLIPSE / BLOOD MOON   (27 / 28 July 2018, total eclipse from 21:30 to 23:13)

 We are happy about, that Universe presents us a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, also called BLOOD MOON at the GRIASDI 2018 .

On the day of the eclipse, the Full Moon is also at its farthest from the Earth, so it looks a little smaller in the sky, making this a Blood Micro Moon eclipse.
The second total lunar eclipse of 2018 will be perfect visible at the GRIASDI location. Totality will last for 103 minutes, making it the longest eclipse of the 21st century…..

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