Beside the Live Music Acts and the Workshops, there will be also lots of framework programme at the GRIASDI 2018. Some of the Hightlights is listed here.

Collective OPENING EVENT by Wotan von Lichtenberg  (25th July 2018)

 Wotan is a musician, sound healer and a “community man”. He is very experienced in community building and many more. As a longtime organizer and mastermind of the “Heart Culture Festival” here in Austria he and especially this wonderful festival are known to many.

We, the GRIASDI 2018 organizers are very happy about this collaboration between this two beautiful events and organizers!


Let yourself be surprised and enchanted by the possibilities that common music, movement, encounter and sound can cause !

WE ARE SOUND (Movie, german with english subtitel) by Ludwig Valenta – Open Air Cinema (25.July 2018 – around 22:30)

 The movie “We are Sound” will be shown to all of the participans of the 4-days-gathering (for free). It’s an awarded documentation movie, made by the Austrian Movie Maker Ludvig Valenta who will be at the event as well. Some of the scenes are taken at the GRIASDI 2017 and also some protagonist are from the Handpan community. And yes, its about sound and Pantams as well.

We live in a world where the people can’t see any more the sense of the predominant value system „Higher, faster stronger“ alone. The humans in the industrialized countries suffer – despite of material prosperity – from diseases like burn-out, depression, drug-addiction etc. Why? Because of the missing connection to ourselves – we have forgotten our own melody.To get by on sound every single human being can vibrate in harmony again. How do i sound? And how does the world sound?


DR.BUBBLES – the magican of Soap Bubbles

 Dr. Bubbles (Aramis Gehberger) is an international visualization artist, entertainer and magician of soap bubbles.

Not only at last year’s GRIASDI he has enchanted many with his art, also at other international events like Formula 1 GP Bahrain(4x), Doha Tribecca Film Festival, Red Bull Headquarter opening celebration he is booked because of his uniqueness.


His magic of soap bubbles does not only enchant children ….

LUNAR ECLIPSE / BLOOD MOON   (27 / 28 July 2018, total eclipse from 21:30 to 23:13)

 We are happy about, that Universe presents us a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, also called BLOOD MOON at the GRIASDI 2018 . This eclipse will also be the longest total lunar eclipse in the 21st century and we are looking forward to celebrate this event together with you. Austria and the Location of the this years GRIASDI is a very good place to marvel at this event since there we will be in the area of the umbra for a really long time.


MUSICAL NAP in the Cosmic Boat by Sandy Mango

 We invite you to share a musical journey with our senses, our bodies and our dreams.
Participants are invited to relax, with small exercises that help to appropriate the space,
while paying attention to their breathing.

Then lie in a circle on floor mats.
After a meditative reading that invite to introspection, the musical nap can begin.
Exploring our inner landscapes through music and poetry,
from voice to percussion, from singing bowls to flutes, and handpan…

2 hours
Price : 20 euros
Maximum participant : ~ 30 people
contact reservations :

Cacao Ceremony with Mao, a Central American Shaman & Storyteller (Topics: Awareness, love & Compassion)

 Mao has 20 years experience working with community projects & festivals in Latin America, US & Europe.
“In 2011 I was instructed and authorized by my grandfather Tata Rosendo, (Shaman-Healer) Cacique of the panchimalco tribe El Salvador Central America. to bring sacred plants Cacao & Wachuma to different cultures around the world. Since the time, I have being traveling in more than 30 countries, sharing San pedro & Cacao.”

About Cacao ceremony: is an beautiful opportunity to connect to yourself and open your heart. We will have Cacao ceremony with first-class Mayan chocolate. During the ceremonies and after the ceremonies, Mao is all the time available to talk and to answer questions.
Madre Tierra Amor (facebook)

2 hours
Price : 10 euros
Maximum participant : ~ 30 people

Rhythmgames of the world with Gudrun Völk (for kids)

 gossip games, sounds with various natural materials and simple rhythm-instruments

about me:
Make music everywhere, with everyone and everything! For many years I was a music-teacher, now I learn from children.

1,5 hours
Price : 6 euros
Maximum participant : ~ 20 kids


 [de] Unter Einbeziehung verschiedener Techniken aus dem Shiatsu, Berührung und gezieltem Einsatz von Klang und Stimme kann das Energiesystem der Körper in Einklang gebracht werden. Es wird ein Feld geöffnet, in dem der Behandeltesich seines Körpers und dem eigenen Körperraum sowie der eigene Lebendigkeit bewusst werden und spüren kann.

Durch die Behandlung werden Impulse gegeben, die Blockaden lösen können und auf das ganze System entspannend und vitalisierend wirken.
Nach dem Prinzip der Körperintelligenz verläuft die Behandlung intuitiv.

[en] By incorporating various shiatsu techniques, touch and purposeful use of sound and voice, the body’s energy system can be reconciled. It opens a field in which the treated area of ​​his body and the own body space as well as one’s own vitality can become aware and feel.

Through the treatment impulses are given which can dissolve blockages and have a relaxing and revitalizing effect on the whole system. According to the principle of body intelligence, the treatment is intuitive.

~1 hours
Price : 30 euros
contact reservations :