Liquid Sound Healing – Space by Wotan von Lichtenberg

[ en] Offering One to One Sound Healing Sessions and Intuitiv coaching

This Space invites you to fully surrender your self to the universal power of sound healing. simply be your self and enjoy the unique experience of sound healing with Instruments Skills you may not have felt before.

Using divine Sound Instruments such as Kailani. Koshi, Monochord, Didge, Drums and of course Handpan. In combination with intuitiv healing chants it`s capable of guiding into advanced states of consciousness.

Audditionally there will be the option to purchase natural herbal medicine in highest Quality.

[de] Anbieten von One to One Sound Healing Sessions und Intuitives Coaching.

Dieser Raum lädt dich ein, dich selbst der universellen Kraft der Klangheilung hinzugeben. Sei einfach du selbst und genieße die einzigartige Erfahrung der heilsamen Klänge mit Instrumenten, die du vermutlich zum ersten mal erleben darfst.

Es werden ganz spezielle Klanginstrumente wie Kailani, Koshi, Monochord, Didgeridoo, Percussion und Handpan zum Einsatz kommen. Kombiniert mit intuitiven Heilgesängen vermag es einen in erweiterte Bewusstseinszustände zu führen.
Optional wird es die Möglichkeit geben, natürliche Kräutermedizin in höchster Qualität zu beziehen.

Wotan von Lichtberg
Founder of the blossoming Heart Culture Festival, experienced musician on stage and father of two beautiful children, obviously loves what he does. Using sound healing, Wotan guides people at workshops, retreats, single session`s and circle gatherings world wide to truly connect with their souls and fellows. As an intuitiv coach and herbal medicine producer he is gifted with a wide tool selection to support people finding their own wealth and joy in life.

Motto in life: highest joy on earth!

1.5 hours – 45 Euros
3.0 hours – 90 Euros
Contact and Reservations:


 Would you like to experience a singing bowls and gongs massage? It is a subtle and gentle,but very powerful sound therapy treatment. During this session I place I place himalayan and crystal singing bowls directly onto your body, so the healing vibrations can be perceived to the maximum.You will find yourself in a world of healing sounds and vibrations of gongs, bowls and other relaxation instruments.

1.5 hours
Price 25 Euros
Contact and reservations:


 Have you ever instantly felt a connection to a person you just met?
Have places seemed familiar even though you have never have visited them? Do you have a fear but have no known reason to feel that fear?

Come and have an amazing Quantum Healing Hypnosis experience in a group setting with friends.
A “past life regression” is a general term for a relaxed experience in which a practitioner/hypnotherapist
guides the participants into a light hypnosis (similar to meditative state of mind), where you relax enough
to go into the subconscious mind where all memories of other lifetimes are being stored.Participants often
gain new understanding and knowledge about their emotional, mental, physical or spiritual self through this experience and receive healing.
There is always a reason to go back to a past life. It can be to find your life purpose, heal, and fix relationships, un-block fears and so much more.The most important thing is to listen to the messages that come through in a past life regression. Trust that the subconscious takes you where you need to go to.
Accomplished by simple visualization and imagery techniques, the entire group is taken back in time to past lives, then they meet their spiritual guides or guardian angel. After these experiences, they write down what they have seen, and there is group interaction and discussion.
Suitable for all levels, whether you have had similar experiences before, or if you are completely new to the idea of regression.

What to bring:
Loose fitting clothes, Pen & Paper, Pillow,blanket/yoga mat.

About Hara Katsiki
Hara Katsiki originates from Athens Greece and is currently living in Berlin.She is a Past Life Regression
Hypnotherapist, Certified Dedicated Level 2 Practitioner of QHHT ® ( Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) by Dolores Cannon and an Intuitive Counselor. She is also a Certified Teacher of “Heart Imagery: Cleaning The Past and Self-Renewal” ®and “Journeys Into The Heart” ® from THE SCHOOL OF THE HEART by Master of Meditation Daniel Mittel.

~ 1.5 hours
Price : 20 euros
Maximum participant : no limit
Contact & Registration(optional) :
No previous experience necessary

Holistische Klangbehandlungen mit den Naturschallwandlern by Sabine Johanna & Pablo Johann von Pablo J

 [de] Es ist uns eine große Freude die therapeutische Arbeit mit einem außergewöhnlichen Lautsprechersystem – den Naturschallwandlern – vorzustellen:

Die Naturschallwandler® (NSW) sind eine Revolution in der Entwicklung von Akustik-Systemen.
Basierend auf den Prinzipien des Naturschalls, erzeugen sie eine dreidimensionale, räumlich präzise und völlig authentische Wiedergabe von Musik, Klängen und Sprache.

Dieses so genannte „akustische Hologramm“ wird in der therapeutischen Arbeit mit den NSW genutzt. Anton Stucki, der Entwickler der NSW hat in den letzten Jahren ein therapeutisches Verfahren erarbeitet, das mit großem Erfolg die Regeneration des Gehörsinnes bewirkt und darüber hinaus die Selbstregulation des Körpers anregt.

Wir arbeiten mit der Methode des „Basisverfahrens für Gehör-Regeneration“ nach Anton Stucki.
Eine Klangbehandlung dauert im Schnitt 50 Minuten.


– Verbesserung des Gehörsinnes
– Regeneration von Gehörschwächen
– körperliche Entspannung & Balance
– Intensivierung des Körperbewusstseins
– Verbesserung der inneren Orientierung
– seelische Ausgeglichenheit & Glücksgefühle

Sabine Johanna und Pablo Johann sind seit 4 Jahren mit dem Musikprojekt Pablo J auf einheimischen & internationalen Bühnen unterwegs.
Als die beiden Musiker bei einem Konzert vor beinahe zwei Jahren überraschend die Naturschallwandler kennenlernten, war dies Liebe auf den ersten Ton.

Seither spielt Pablo J sämtliche Konzerte mit den NSW, verbreitet dieses großartige heilsame Soundsystem quer um den Globus und bietet holistische Klangbehandlung an.

[en] Holistic Sound Treatment by Sabine Johanna and Pablo

 Sabine Johanna and Pablo Johann are playing on stages around the world with the music project „Pablo J“
When the two musicians met the NSW at a concert almost two years ago, they fell in love with the holographic speaker system right away.

Since then Pablo J play their concerts with the NSW, distribute this wonderful healing sound system across the globe and offer holistic sound treatments.

The Naturschallwandler® (NSW) are a revolution in the development of acoustic systems.
Based on the principles of natural sound, they create a three-dimensional, spatially precise and completely authentic reproduction of music, sounds and language.

 Naturschallwandler® generate through their created holographic space a continuous impulse of order. This stable spacial order serves as a reference point for the verification and adjustment of one’s own spatial auditory field, thereby making possible a readjustment combined with an improvement of the auditory field.

In recent years, Anton Stucki, the „Father“ of NSW, has created a therapeutic method that has been very successful in regenerating the hearing and stimulating the body’s

We are happy to offer his work at the GRIASDI Gathering & Festival.


– hearing improvement
– regeneration of hearing loss
– physical relaxation & balance
– intensification of body awareness
– improvement of inner orientation
– mental balance & feelings of happiness

50 minutes
Financial exchange – free donation – give what you would love to receive 🙂