If there are NO HANDPAN MAKERS, there are NO HANDPANS

A very simple and also very true saying ! The Makers who make this beautiful instruments and are ready to give them with a fair price to us who loves to play them, they really deserve our respect ! We are happy to welcome Makers from all over the world at the GRIASDI 2018. Some will bring instruments to sell, some will offer retuning services.

If you are a Handpan Maker, and you want to show your Insruments @ GRIASDI 2018 (or you even want to sponsor one for a raffle), please let us know by contacting us, using the Mail Form below – or write an Email directly at: makers–at– Thank you !

As soon, as all costs of the Event are covered, the income from the sponsorships (sponsored Handpans) will go into social projects in Asia & Africa ! Promised & sure thing !

LIST of confirmed Handpan Makers & Sponsors @ GRIASDI 2018
(23.March 2018)

GRIASDI 2018 Handpan Makers – SPONSORS & on sight at GRIASDI 2018:

Handpan Makers CONFIRMED on sight at GRIASDI 2018

  • …..more to come

additionally EXPECTED Handpan Makers at GRIASDI 2018

  • JanPan
  • KARUMI Steel
  • LUNA Handpans
  • MAG Instruments
  • MEU Instruments
  • OXYMORA Handpans
  • SPIDER Handpans