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Adam Maalouf [english]

“Middle Eastern Rhythms and Approaches for Handpan”

 In this workshop led by Arab-American percussionist Adam Maalouf, we will explore rhythmic cycles from the countries of the Middle East.

Beginning with even meter (4, 8,16, 32) Arabic rhythms from Lebanon, Syria and Palestine and moving to odd meter rhythms from Turkey (5, 7, 9), this workshop is rhythm intensive and will enhance the students creativity with rhythms.
This workshop will also teach students transferrable techniques from handpan to hand drums such as frame drum or doumbek.

What to bring(Recommended) – paper, writing utensil, handpan or hand drum (doumbek, frame drum preferred)


~ 1.5 hours
Price : 30 euros
Maximum participant : 30 people
contact reservations :

Adam Maalouf [english]

 “Looping and Effects -Ableton Live Performance concepts for the Handpan Artist”

Learn to use your computer to enhance your music creation experience in this workshop with Adam Maalouf. We will explore different approaches to record, process, and perform your own original music using Ableton Live software. Topics covered will effect basics (EQ, Compression, Reverb), live looping and performance techniques. This workshop is for the handpan player who seeks the necessary tools record their music and get creative with the process.

What to bring (recommended) – Handpan, variety of instruments

~ 1.5 hours
Price : 30 euros
Maximum participant : 20 people
contact reservations :

Kabeção [english]

“Tools for improving your musicality and elements to raise your Pantam Awareness”

 The connection between a musician and their instrument is something very special and unique. Only with a burning devotion and experience can one create a deep connection.
Elements of Groove, Emotions, and “Something to Say” is fundamental in how you approach your instrument. This, of course, can be applied to your Handpan and ALL other instruments.

In this workshop, Kabeção will share his experience and tools to help your musicality and open you up to new ways to improve your overall play and practice going forward.


3,5 hours

Maximum participant : 10 people
contact reservations :

Adrian J Portia [english]

 Adrian’s workshop will cover a wide spectrum of playing the Instrument and Musicianship.
“My goal is to give you the Tools to help you develop your own Voice and Style”

Adrian will share detailed techniques on how to develop your Touch, Sound and Presence on the instrument.

Methods through specific exercises to build fundamental Strength, Precision, Fluidity and Speed.

* Dynamics and Creating Feel
* Independence
* Building your Internal Clock.
* Grooves and Fills
* Playing with Others
* Composition
* Developing Improvisation.

And more… open to all Levels.

Participants: 10 – 15
Duration: 3 hours +
Price: 60 €
contact reservations :

SAMANTHA ARCHER [english / deutsch]

!! ~ WOMEN’S ONLY Handpan Workshop ~ !!

“Tone Field Jam”

 Explore the handpan in a safe, creative and supportive space combining other instruments and sounds through play in a ‘jam’ setting.

Listen. Respond. Trust. Explore.

Beginning with warm up exercises, we will set a tone of trust and acceptance within the group before moving onto our instruments.
As an experienced workshop practitioner, Samantha will guide and occasionally steer the group through a rounded journey allowing room and attention to all.
Exploring dynamic range, texture and pulse – this workshop will be about all of the little details.

No musical experience necessary.

2 hours
Price : Suggested donation 20 euros
Maximum participant : 25 people
contact reservations :

Christian Amín Vàrkonyi [english / deutsch]

Common Song & musical expression on the Handpan Workshop for whole musical awareness including

⁃ Confidence with your playing
⁃ Technical skills
⁃ Rhythm and chords
⁃ Dynamic and awareness
⁃ Individual expression
⁃ Flow of the hand (minimal movement) and moderate touch

 At this workshop we want to focus on music as an expression of the soul. The main intention is to find a balance between a
technical approach involving skills and the mystical side of sound healing and your own individual expression on the

To me the Handpan is not only an instrument to express deep emotions but also a tool to tune the body and soul & find inner
peace. So I want to encourage you find a comfortable sound in your voice that accomplishes with the tuning of the Pantam.
Once your Hands have learned a basic rhythm that you can easily follow along we want to shift the awareness to the voice and explore different tonalities which would fit to the harmonies you can play on your instrument.

Lately the silence between the notes is to be given more emphasis than to fill empty spaces with many beats. Depending on the scales of instruments you will bring to the workshop we also want to focus on playing together and bring the experience into something essential in music: communication with each other. If the group allows it we will do a little arrangement with chords and 3-2 voices for playing together and learn some lyrics to sing along to your groove and melody on the Pan.

Level of Players: All
Max number of participants: 15
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 30 euro


SAMANTHA ARCHER [english / deutsch]

Singing Workshop
Lead by Samantha Archer (UK) – Singer, Multi-instrumentalist & Community Arts Practitioner

 Singing together promotes unity and bonding within the group. To sing is the easiest and most connective way of making music and sound and can release our bodies own ‘feel good’ chemicals as well as breaking down fears and tension.

We often hear people say, ‘I can’t sing’, ‘I have a horrible voice’.
The truth is, everyone who has vocal chords can sing and every voice is unique; the goal is not to sing ‘beautifully’ but rather to explore, experience and enjoy playing with the sounds and vibrations of your own voice.

After relaxation and vocal loosening exercises, we will explore the sounds, vocal range, dynamics, rhythm and textures of our voices in a playful way through use of the ancient tool, ‘Call and Response’ before entering into a creative space of rhythmical sounds as we all sing and harmonise together.

No previous experience necessary.

1,5 hours
Price : Suggested donation 15 euros
Maximum participant : no limit
contact reservations :

SANDY MANGO [english / french] from COSMIC BOAT

“Sing Together Synchronizes Heart Beat in Harmony”

 We all have a voice that comes from our deepest inner self, and it is unique.
When we sing, musical vibrations resonate within us, transforming our physical and emotional state.
Releasing the endorphins that make us more awake, healthier, happier and more creative.
Singing is as old as the world. It is innate in each other.

This workshop is open to everyone who wants to travel into the world of voice.
During 2 hours, we will explore our own instrument.
Releasing our voice, from singing to beat-boxing, from human trumpet to animals sounds…

2 hours
Price : 20euros
Maximum participant : 35 people
contact reservations :

TaKeTiNa – with TaKeTiNa rhythm teachers Jaron Tripp and Iris Jesse [deutsch/english]

 [en] TaKeTiNa is a powerful way to open rhythmic knowledge immanent in every human being. By using the body as an instrument participants are guided into three rhythmic movements with stepping, clapping and chanting. This process offers a unique and very playful way to explore rhythm together as well as individually at every persons on pace.
We invite you to join us on a journey into the world of groove and flow.

[de] TaKeTiNa ist eine kraftvolle Methode, um rhythmisches Wissen, welches in jedem menschlichen Wesen angelegt ist zu öffnen. Mit dem Körper als Instrument führen wir die Teilnehmer in drei rhythmische Bewegungen über Schritte, Klatscher und Stimme. Dieser Prozess stellt einen einzigartigen und sehr spielerischen Weg dar, um Rhythmus gemeinsam, aber auch individuell, im eigenen Zeitmaß zu erforschen.
Wir laden euch auf eine gemeinsame Reise in die Welt von Groove und Flow ein.

3 hours
Price: suggested donation 20 euros
Maximum participant: no limit
contact reservations:


LINOTUNE SHOW-AND-TELL by Lino Schraudolph (english/deutsch)

 [en] Hello, I’m the inventor of the program used to tune most of the world’s handpans. I’ll be at GRIASDI from Thursday on and happy to answer any questions you may have about linotune, whether you’re a maker using it in your daily work or a player who just wants to occasionally check if their instrument is still in tune.

Depending on your interests, the workshop may cover:
– basic tutorial: linotune for handpan tuning
– advanced linotune use: tips & tricks
– the laser attachment (including live demo)
– the (hi)story of linotune, and the future
– question and answer session
I’ll hold the workshop in English but can provide a German translation as needed.

GRIASDI will provide an opportunity to see the linotune laser attachment in action. Makers that have some (re)tuning lined up at the gathering are cordially invited to test drive a “linolaser”!

 [de] Hallo, ich bin der Erfinder des Programms mit dem die meisten Handpans auf der Welt gestimmt werden. Ich werde ab Donnerstag beim GRIASDI sein und gern alle Fragen zu linotune beantworten, ob Du eine Handpan-Bauerin bist die täglich damit arbeitet, oder ein Spieler der einfach mal checken will ob sein Instrument noch die Stimmung hält.

Je nach Eurem Interesse kann der Workshop beinhalten:
– Einführung: wie man mit linotune Handpans stimmt
– linotune Tipps & Tricks für Fortgeschrittene
– das linotune Lasergerät (mit Vorführung)
– die Geschichte (und Zukunft) von linotune
– Fragen und Antworten
Ich werde den Workshop auf Englisch halten, kann aber je nach Bedarf auch ins Deutsche übersetzen.

GRIASDI bietet Euch die Gelegenheit, das linotune Lasergerät in Aktion zu sehen. Handpan-Bauer die auf dem Treffen Handpans (nach)stimmen wollen sind herzlich eingeladen, den “linolaser” Probe zu fahren!

THURSDAY 26th / 12:30 – 16:00
1-2 h
price: free

“LUNAR ACROYOGA”  – with Certified AcroYoga teacher​ Nicola Helmink [english]

 AcroYoga is a dynamic partner practice that blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of healing arts. These three lineages form the foundation of a partner practice that cultivates trust, playfulness, and community.

Are you interested in exploring the therapeutic side of AcroYoga? Maybe just fancy trying AcroYoga in a relaxed and calming way? Or simply feel like trying something new? 

In this workshop we will explore the Lunar Acroyoga practice. This includes partner yoga stretching, therapeutic flying and Thais massage.


 No previous AcroYoga experience required to participate. Come alone or bring a friend. All shapes and sizes welcome!

​1.5​ hours
Price : ​10​ euros
Maximum participant : ​30​ people
contact reservations : ​

“YOGA ‚n‘ SOUND BALANCE” – Petra & Johannes [deutsch/english]

My Name is Petra and since one year I support people on their yoga-way. Every way of life is different and also every way of yoga is differnt. My intention is to learn about the spiritual way of life and to practice a very rooted way of yoga. This is all i can and wanna share with you!

Hello 🙂 My name is Johannes and I dont wanna say to much, cause usualy i do that. So all i wanna let you know about the workshop is: Sound is part of all life, but in my case, sound is my life.

We will practice a very rooted kind of yoga. It’s called 108 sun salutes and together with the sound of different instruments (Kotamo, Handpans, ….) you will get in to a very special flow.

1.5 hours
price: €12

FLOWING PRANA (YOGA) by Andrea Hufnagel

 In dieser Yoga Einheit werden Asanas (Haltungen) durch fließende Bewegungen (Flows) ineinander verwoben.
Durch die Verbindung von Bewegung und Atem öffnen, reinigen und aktivieren wir unsere Energiezentren und steigern den Fluss unserer Lebensenergie (Prana). Kräftigende sowie dehnende Asanas verbunden mit Atemübungen fördern die Geschmeidigkeit unserer Wirbelsäule und verhelfen uns zu Ausgeglichenheit. Yoga hilft uns, unser Bewusstsein zu erhöhen und schenkt uns Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden. Ein freudvoller Weg, um unseren Körper, Geist und Seele in Harmonie zu bringen.

Als harmonisierender Ausklang der Stunde ertönen in der Schlussentspannung (Shavasana) Mantren und Hangklänge.

Andrea Hufnagl
Yogalehrerin, Musik- und Tanzpädagogin, Musikerin

Geb. 1983, Mama von Nayuma (geb. 2014)
Yogapraxis seit 1998

Nach meinem Studium “Elementare Musik,- und Tanzpädagogik” am Mozarteum Salzburg, reiste ich viele Jahre mit der Musik (vor allem auch Hang) quer durch Südamerika und Spanien sowie nach Indien – wo ich schließlich meine Yogalehrer Ausbildung absolvierte. Meine langjährige tägliche Yogapraxis begleitet mich auf meinen Wegen und ich bin sehr dankbar für diese Geschenk.
Yoga nährt und stärkt mich, schenkt mir Leichtigkeit, bringt mich in meine Mitte, verbindet mich mit meinem Inneren, öffnet mein Herz, hilft mir, bewusster zu werden für meine Gedanken, Gefühle, macht mich achtsamer im Umgang mit mir selbst und anderen Wesen.
„Home is where your heart is“

In meinen Yogastunden versuche ich, mit Liebe und Dankbarkeit, Wissen und Erfahrungen aus meinem Yogaweg zu teilen, den ich vor über 15 Jahren begonnen habe. In meinen Yogastunden lasse ich unterschiedliche Yogastile miteinander verschmelzen, bereichert mit Übungen aus der Körperarbeit und der Tanzpädagogik.


 Yoga. Meditation.
Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.
Get still and listen. To your body, your mind, your soul.
Back. Find your Roots. Explore your Shakti Power.
And Rise.

(D) Martina ist selbstständige Shiatsu-Praktikerin und Shakti-Yoga Lehrerin. und begleitet dich in diesem Workshop auf einen Weg um durch Bewegung und Atem das Prinzip der Shakti-Kraft in dir zu entdecken: Schöpferkraft und Bewegung. Weibliche Urkraft und Stärke.


(E) Martina is working as Shiatsu-Praktiker an Shakti Yoga Teacher. In her Workshop you will get the chance to explore through asana and breath the idea of shakti-power within you: creation and movement. Female elemental power and strength.



75min (Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th)
Price 10 Euro
Maximum participant: 12 people
contact reservations:

Contact Improvisation by Alexandra Hofmann (deutsch/englisch/bodylanguage)

 Have you ever tried to overcome gravity? How much courage does it cost to touch a stranger? And what would happen once we ignore gender, culture and age when we meet another person?
Contact Improvisation (CI) is a physical dialogue between different bodies. The dance form offers a variety of possibilities to engage yourself in a research about gravity, communication and flow. It can be wild and exhausting, but also silent and slow.
In this workshop we invite values of playfulness, courage and curiosity into our bodies. We will play with qualities of touch, shared weight, leading and following. First we will discover some basic principles of CI, before we enter a small dance jam.

About Alex: The first time I discovered Contact Improvisation, I was irritated, but my fascination was stronger! 😉 In my “normal” life I am a clinical psychologist with my focus on dance therapy, where I share my ideas of dance and movement to people in psychiatry, universities, festivals or my local community.
No experience in CI or dance needed!
To bring: your curiosity – and some relaxed clothes in which you can move.

ca. 1,5 h
price: donation base (suggested 10 Euro)
max: unlimited

MACRAME Workshop by Chief of Nothing (english)

In this workshop you are going to be introduced to the handcraft of macrame by creating your own crystal macrame necklace. Going though different easy knotting techniques, you are going to be guided step by step, and make your own necklace. Crystals and cords will be provided, yet you can also bring your own favourite crystal if you wish.

A little history:
Macrame is believed to have originated in the 13th century, by arab weavers. sailors made macrame in off hours while at sea. macrame was most popular in the victorian era. Though the craze for macramé faded, it regained popularity during the 1970s.
By the early 1980s macramé had again begun to fall out of fashion as a decorative trend.however macramé has become popular again. this time in the form of jewelry, such as necklaces, anklets and bracelets.
Using mainly square knots, this jewelry often features natural elements such as gemstones, bone or shell.

~ 2 hours
maximum participant : 11
price : 20 euros ( 15 euros if you bring your own stone / crystal )
contact & registration (optional) :

“GREEN KITCHEN” by PAMELA EDER [deutsch/english]

[DE] Ich bin seit 3 Jahren Grüne Kosmetik Pädagogin, das heißt ich beschäftige mich mit selbstgemachter, naturbelassener Kosmetik und gebe mein Wissen und meine Erfahrung in Form eines Workshops weiter….

Wir haben aus ziemlich einfachen Zutaten, biologisch abbaubare Produkte, wie zB Duschgel, Shampoo, Flüssigseife, Zahnpulver, …hergestellt. Einfach Produkte, die man so auf einem Festival oder beim Campen benötigt….

[EN] Since 3 years I´m “Grüne Kosmetik Pädagogin”. I deal with homedade natural cosmetics. I pass on my knowledge in form of workshops.
With little and simple ingrediants, together we produce biodegrable products. The product and the recipe are included ! ( for example tooth powder, liqiud soap, shampoo, shower gel,..)

This workshop is also suitable for children over 6 years.

30 min
Price : 7 euros
Maximum participant : 15 people
contact reservations :

“POI Spinning and 3-Ball Juggling” by Gieber Jutta (English / Deutsch)

 [en] Basics and tricks
For everybody who likes playing with gravity.

Poi spinning is fun from the beginning (since the pois can’t drop on the floor ?? ).
Juggling: Once you’ve learnt the cascade (which can be hard work!) the fun starts. Learn tricks like tennis, yoyo, columns,…

I have got some material, but if you can, please bring your own Pois and juggling balls.

[de] Anfänger und Tricks
Für alle, die gerne mit der Schwerkraft spielen.

POI Schwingen macht von Anfang an Spaß (weil die Pois glücklicherweise nicht runterfallen können!)
Jonglieren: Wenn du es endlich geschafft hast, die Bälle in einer Kaskade zu jonglieren (was harte Arbeit sein kann), fängt es an, richtig Spaß zu machen. Lerne Tricks wie Jo-Jo, Säulen, Tennis, …

Ich habe einige Pois und Bälle, bitte eigene mitnehmen, wenn möglich.

Wednesday 25th
1,5 hours
Price: € 10,-
Maximum participants: 15 People
(adults or children older than 12 years)