Dear GRIASDI Community !

I think it is probably not the biggest surprise for you if we have to announce that the GRIASDI 2020 has been canceled now officially.

Due to the global situation, it is simply impossible for us to be able to offer you an event like the GRIASDI this year. It breaks our hearts because we have all been very looking forward to it already…….

In times like this, where we practice social distancing we recognize that it is just physical distancing, and that we depend on each other socially much more than we thought.

We are a big community on this planet, and community is something very powerful when it comes to the need of helping each other. Lets stay together as the “GRIASDI Community” to support those, who need it very much right now – “the GRIASDI venue” (they have serious financial problems now!) and the artists that were booked for 2020.

This is what we kindly ask you to do:

  • Of course we offer anybody who wants the money back for the ticket a refund (this is a voluntary service. there is no legal right to reimbursement!). Please contact us and the money will be transfered back immediately.
  • But just in case your situation is financially stable and you are willing to support the Venue and the artists, we would kindly ask you to donate your ticket, and don’t ask for the refund. To all who do so we also want to give something back ! You will have the chance to win a handpan. More details about the raffle will come soon!
  • If you are just ready to support the needed financial help for the GRIASDI Venue and some of the GRIASDI Artists, please do !
    Many Karma points and the endless love of the gods of Paniverse will be with you for sure 😉

For donating please use:

Thank you guys in advance for your understanding and your generous help and support !