The LINEUP for the GRIASDI 2017 is fixed – the TIMETABLE can be change slightly 😉 

~~~~~~~~ GATHERING ~~~~~~~~

T H U R S D A Y (27th July)
~ doors open for setting up the camping from Wed.26th at 2pm ~
* Christian Amín Vàrkonyi PROJECT (starting around 7:30pm)
* Kabeção‘s – Solo Magic (from 21:00pm)


F R I D A Y (28th July)
* MADAHADU (Marcel Hutter & David Hauser) (starting around 7:30pm)
* Dani Galfione (from 21:00pm)

~~~~~~~~ GATHERING & FESTIVAL~~~~~~~~

S A T U R D A Y (29th July)

BANGLADESH 15.00 – 16.00
ALEXANDRE LORA 16.30 – 17.30
SALAH AMMO & PETER GABIS 18.00 – 19.00
NADISHANA 19.30 – 20.30
ADRIAN J PORTIA 21.00 – 22.00
THAALAVATTAM 24.00 – 01.00

* “dance till sunrise after show party” (indoor, Dj GOBAJASHI)


S U N D A Y (30th July)
AZEEM ALVI 15.00 – 16.00
KENEBONDA 16.45 – 17.45
MATSUMOTO ZOKU 22.00 – 23.00


KABEçãO & JOãO NUNES & Sebãstiao Bergmann  [Portugal]

kabe-joao-001Video: Guitar Improvisation – Kabeção and João Nunes
Kabeção Rodrigues is a Portuguese musician enthusiastic and passionate about world music and the sound of Handpan. An artist with a rare sensitivity that transmits tranquility and serenity through the light touch of the palm of the hands and fingers in this musical instrument of Swiss origin.
The talent Kabeção is recognized worldwide and is considered one of the best in Handpan the world and one of the pioneers in Portugal.
Every show that performs Kabeção conquers the public admiration, leaving them fascinated and delighted with their musicality. The magnificent sound produced by Handpand leads to a wellness trip, peace and relaxation.
João M Nunes is a musician, composer and street artist, whose main instrument is the classical guitar, is also multi-intrumentist (flute, alto saxophone, didge, etc.) determined to explore the musical culture all over the world.
Being self taught determined to wonder more and more, also spent a semester by the hot club school to learn some musical theory and recently has sought to deepen their knowledge and technique mainly in flamenco and another styles (Samba, African, World).
He alredy stepped several national and international stages, having already made some several participations and joined projects as Katharsis. Currently beyond solo project, have Gapura, They Must be Crazy, L’Manu’L, project with Kabeção and Agora.


MZ Artist Photo koji_01 reo1
Video: Matsumoto Zuko live @ Bali Spirit Festival  &  “OZORA” official Video
Matsumoto Zoku is an alternative, organic music duo formed in 2013 in Melbourne. Originally from Japan, Matsumoto Zoku are based in Melbourne and Vienna. Koji Matsumoto plays Hand Pan and Didgeridoo. Reo Matsumoto is a Human Beat Maker, Hand Pan Player, Percussionist and Electronic musician.
Matsumoto Zoku’s career started on the streets of Melbourne. They are currently recording their 5th album. Their debut album MATSUMOTO ZOKU was released in 2014 after their demo TRIBARHYTHM DEMO, released in 2013 sold more than 8000 copies on the street.
Since forming Matsumoto Zoku have performed in 14 different countries, covering 41 cities. Highlights include playing the OZORA FESTIVAL for the last 3 years, headlining on the Dragon Nest Stage in 2014, touring Europe 3 times, Russia twice and Japan twice.


Nadishana is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound designer from Siberia, who creates his own unique and innovative approach to world fusion music – the creative synthesis of different musical traditions of the world on the basis of contemporary technologies. He plays on more than 200 instruments of the world, including self-created ones.

He elaborated the unique playing technique on each of his instruments and his own approach to advanced digital audio editing called “sound microsurgery”.

In 1990 along with studying in Sankt-Petersburg V. Nadishana began his self-education in playing guitar. Then he became seriously interested in ethnic music and mastered himself other instruments: sitar, mandola, chanzy, bouzouki, jew’s harp, kou xiang, khomus, morsing, ethnic percussion (tongue drums, hang, udu, frame drums, berimbao etc); winds (bansuri, quena, overtone flutes, kalyuka, zhaleyka, gayda, hu-lu-si, bawu, tsaaj nplaim), fretless bass. Besides he has created some experimental musical instruments: dzuddahord, darbudu, pruzhingum, plastrimbaphon, rablorrum, ghostcatcher, pin-sansa, rod-spring gamelan, banbang etc.

Web:  Video: “Pathmaker”

ADRIAN J. PORTIA [Australia]

official_AdrianPortiaVideo: “Mincara” played by Adrian J Portia
Adrian J Portia is a professional drummer/percussionist based in Melbourne Australia. Adrian started playing drums from the age of 10 and touring the country in his father band at 12 years of age. performing every week he gained a lot of experience in his younger years, which helped him become the musician hes is today. at the age of 19 Adrian was runner up in Austrailians best and cumming drummer competition, which led him to endorsement deals with Premier Drums, Sabian Cymbals and Vater Drumstick. He has performed with many musicians over the years and is still an in demand musician in the Melbourne music scene. about 7 years ago he started experimenting with different hand percussion and is continuing to explore world percussion instruments.his love and desire to play a handpan began when he first saw a “Hang” in 2008, although it wasn’t until august 2013 that he received his first Handpan. in this time he has been working on his own unique pecussive style, is focused on a new musical path and to continue to develope in the craft of playing these amazing instruments.


 Video: “The Beauty and the Beast

This duet is a roaring alliance of elements: fire, air, water and earth, and
also metal and wood. Didgeridoo, cajon, handpans, jawharp, cymbals, sanzula…all the textures of their music are born from these materials and elements. Jeremy and Adele both have strong feminine and masculine energies that mix into a balanced and strong creativity. Be ready to experience a wild and deep sound wave, be ready to dance and to feel beautiful emotions, from the quietest whisper to the strongest rhythms.

Originally a classical flute player, Jeremy Nattagh has explored a wide range of instruments and style in music, spanning from jazz piano to african and gospel drums, from funk electric bass to movie soundtracks producing. His various melodic and harmonic explorations as a composer and a percussionist brought him naturally to a deep connection with handpans. Building rich harmonies around very clear melodies, Jeremy has baffled all his audiences with his hand/feet combinations, adding flavored grooves with his pedals.

Adele B has been a natural and worldwide reference of didgeridoo playing for years already. On the biggest world stages with Secret Vibes (Electro Trance), and the duet Adele and Zalem, she has simultaneously developed great ways of playing the jawharp too. Hearing Adele, you get to understand how powerful music is in her, whatever the instrument she plays.

web: Jeremy Nattagh, Adele B.


Video: Live at Sargfabrik – Vienna, 2015 أيشلك في الغربة

Salah Ammo and Peter Gabis have started their duo project in 2013, both of them enriching it with their musical experience: Salah Ammo with oriental music from different cultural backgrounds such as Kurds, Arabs, Turks, Armenians and Assyrians, and Peter Gabis with his experience in jazz, world music and overtone singing. The duo uses bouzouki (Oud with a long neck) and percussion accompanied by vocals. The highly sensitive music and oriental singing performed by Salah Ammo gains a new dimension with the technique and musical emotions of Peter Gabis, who uses a variety of percussion instruments (oriental, Western, Indian, Chinese, Mongolian and African) in addition to overtone singing. The duo aims at presenting music with a multicultural aroma and rhythms in addition to new compositions. This reflects their understanding of the exchange and integration between many cultures and musical styles, which they wish to pass on to the audience in an enjoyable way.

A mix of cultures which connects differencies of the world in one musical soul. The songs are sung in kurdish and arabic, with extraordinary instrumentation. Music from the deepest heart of a man who lost his home, but not his hope for a better world.




Ania Brzezinska  (trumpet, cuica)
A composer and multi-instrumentalist focused mostly on trumpet. Graduated in Jazz Trumpet at the Royal Conservatory of Amsterdam. She also delves into non-Western improvisation techniques. Currently she combines several musical projects with her pedagogic research work in trumpet and brasilian percussion
Recently active in South Mexico and Central Europe in following projects:
Nusodia ( Burkina Faso music) , Sambaband Banda Bumba Amsterdam, Woman on Wood , Morelli Electric Project and more..

Joris Cohen (hang player)
Musician, therapist and yogi. Formed in Tantra and oriental massage techniques. Cohen is a self-taught musician who has researched African percussion before finding the Hang in 2013. His fascination with the instrument made him progress rapidly and during this time he took part of several musical projects and delivered solo performances in Europe, before for Bandgladesh in 2015.

Javier Murugarren (hang player)
He is a multidisciplinary artist working with choreographic experimentation; connecting movement practices with textiles, sound and language. Graduated from Amsterdam‘s School for New Dance Development (SNDO). During the last 10 years Javier has shown his work and guided workshops in Europe, Asia, Australia and USA.

Hassie Dune (N’goni, percussion, voice)
Hassie studied Drums on the Royal Conservatoire Amsterdam and Rotterdam (1987-1991). During the nineties a study Cultural Anthropology broadend his ideas about music, and the social, cultural and medicinal functions of it in various society’s (University of Amsterdam). After finishing a fieldwork (research) period in Guinee (West Africa), Hassie continued to devote his life to live performing and teaching music (Rhythm&Groove) Some intense years of international touring followed (Europa, US, Africa, Syria, Jordania, Tunis, India), playing bass guitar and al kinds of African instruments in different style groups and projects such as: Zuco 103 (brasilectro), Tarhana (soefi beats & anatolien melodies), Sinas (global dancefloor funk), Nusodia (Burkina Faso music), Bamoné (worldmusic). It is in the last years, that a great interest in the healing possibilties of Sound Frequency, has come to the foreground. Using Music & Sound as a medium to create a “Sonic Field”, in which participants can explore and become aware of their own energetic potentials. In Februari 2016 Has’ launched his “Healing-Frequency Workshop”, combining his musicality and his knowledge about revitalization and cleansing of the Body and Mind. As so, further deepening and enriching his musical journey. It is the stream of possitive vibration, and the encouragement of the audience to actively anticipate (sing along, clap, dance, or just take time to slow down and travel inward), that makes Hassie Dune the (+) vibe performer he now is. Todays instrument of choice is the N’goni (African harp from Burkina Faso) with its sweet natural sound. By transforming this gentle sound, with the use of all kinds of effects, a “colourful” palette of musical frequencies can be created, that help Hassie to fully express his musical ideas and feelings.

Loops and Samples are also part of the work equipment. Rhythms and Soundscapes, that give a perfect foundation to groove on, and make happy inspirating tunes and tones. Other instruments that are used in performances (depending on the project) are the Scruti box (india) in combination with voice, soundbawl, bass guitar, and all kinds of drums and percussion like the Krin (split drum), Bolon (bass kalabas), doundoun basdrums, and divers shakers and bells.


official_AlexandreLoraVideo: “GRIASDI” – Alexandre Lora (composed for the GRIASDI Festival)
Alexandre Lora moves easily within different styles of Brazilian popular music, performing either as a drummer and percussionist. Lora achieved his Bachelor’s degree in drumset performance in 2002 at FAAM (Faculdade de Artes Alcântara Machado). He has studied classical percussion for 3 years at the EMM (Escola Municipal de Música de São Paulo), and got his master’s degree in Musicology and Music Education at the UAB (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona) in 2009.
That same year, Lora went to Copenhagen (Denmark) invited by the Brazilian Olympic Committee, representing Brazil as a host to the 2016 Olympics, with Caraivana group.
Alexandre has collaborated with accomplished musicians such as Anat Cohen, Jovino Santos Neto, Martin Fondse, Mestrinho, Ramón Valle, Mariana Aydar, Brazil Guitar Duo and Ney Rosauro.
In 2015 he has released his first solo CD, with all original compositions, entitled “Oriente”. Playing the Hand Pans as main instrument, and bringing a new approach to musical composition.


Azeem Ahmed Alvi, is the son of, one of the most renowned artist and respected sitar icons of India, Ustad Sayyed Ahmed Alvi. Born in the family of classical music as a tradition for 6 generations, two more legends Mohsin Ali Khan and Sitar maestro Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan, have been Azeem’s mentor, an ace sitar player since his childhood. Azeem has performed at numerous prestigious music festivals in India and countries like Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, Sri Lanka and many more…


Pintoo Khan is the hurrican among the Khartal (pair of wooden castanets), Morchang (Jew’s harp) and Bhapang (talking drum) players coming from Rajasthan, India. A multi percussion instrumentalist and a real rhythm acrobat setting everybody on fire with his energetic and joyful play on stage.

2012 on tour with CocoRosie ft Rajasthan Roots and additional guest appearances with renowned musicians of the „Vienna Scene“. He did proof himself as a magician between all kind of genres giving a lot of atmosphere and rhythm to the music.

Haider Khan, a non less talented Tabla player and semi finalist of the casting show “India’s Got Talent – Season 3“ as a part of a band, this duo is conquering now the Austrian music scene. They impress not only with their excellent skills and facets in the field of Indian classical music and Rajasthani Folk, but also move effortlessly into the different projects with established musicians and DJs of all styles, such as World Jazz, Gypsy Balkan , Electro Swing, Indie Pop etc adding them their own groove and sound.

Iqbal Khan
, the oldes of the three brother is a real magican of rhytms. His main instrument is the dolak which he dominates as hardly anyone. Iqbal has been involved in many musical projects around the world (Rajasthan Roots, Kutle Khan Project, …..) and was invited to play at big festivals and events in fron of thousends of people around the world.


Everybody who ever had the chance to experience this 3 brothers on stage (like last year at he GRIASDI) will confirm that you can expect a firework of the greatest music, phantastic rhytms and lived joy on stage. Pure magic!

KENEBONDA  [Austria / Italy / Nigeria]

Kenebonda takes the audience on a journey into the exciting world of rhythm. Their songs include the soft sounds of handpans, ngoni and cajon as well as ecstatic rhythms on westafrican djembes, dunduns and krins. Different musical cultures and styles are mixed together into a unique sound, which invites the listener to dream and to dance.

Yela Brodesser and Daniel Giordani are two musicians and percussionists, who make music together since many years in different projects. They are living in the woods of the Austrian Waldviertel, where they compose their music and run their drummingschool Rhytmotop. Percussionmusic in many different styles is their passion.

The main source of inspiration is the westafrican djembemusic, which they studied in Guinea and Mali. On travels to India they also got a glimpse of indian rhythmic such as tabla, mrindangam and kanjira. The discovery of the handpan added a new dimension to their music, which is represented in their new album “Earthsound Grooves”.


For the show on the Griasdi Gathering they get support from the Nigerian singer MC Coalman, a well known artist in the Viennese Reggae-Scene and Markus Lukestik with flute, handpan and didgeridoo.


Thaalavattam [India]

The main vision of project “ Thaalavattam” (A percussion based project) is to create music using innovative instruments made from waste plastic and metal (reduce. reuse and recycle). Thaalavattam aims to clean up the plastic waste that is plaguing India, through music. At the moment in India, Thaalavattam also conducts rhythm rush ( A drum circle event) through which we try to encourage people to recycle and re-use waste materials. Thaalavattam also has an interior designing space (where-in, Furniture is made from scrap)
This is a percussion-based project by Montry Manuel, which uses instruments created from waste plastic and metal with the aim to inspire people to think creatively about waste. His instruments are mainly created from reused paint cans, soda cans, PVC pipes etc. mimicking the street drummers. The basic ideology is that everyone can be a part of the circle.

Dani Galfione [Italy]

Dani Galfione has been playing drums for many years back in the days. He found again the passion for music and the joy of creativity two years ago after receiving his first handpan. In his early stage with this new instrument, he’s still learning and “building” his playing-style day by day. Open-minded listener and musician, lover of the versatility and every kind of musical expression, he’s continuously in search of a balanced blending between emotion, technique, improvisation and experimental stuff also. Dani is actually working on his first album “Emotional Overload”.


Christian Amín Vàrkonyi [Austria]

Christian Amin Varkonyi, Multi instrumentalist world musician and Troubadour grew up in a musicians family and started to study music in the age of 17.
His sounds and lyrics carry a message of universal love and the light of consciousness, remembering the depth of ones own heart being.
His musical attitudes are rooted in basic teachings of Nada Yoga, where sound is used as an undeniable tool to self-realization. His music is influenced by Sufism, native and tribal music, folklore from different cultures, from nature and from the heart ultimately. He is writing songs and has produced a various number of CDs combining simple sounds of nature with Hang and virtuous interpreted instruments and musicians from all cultures around the world.

MADAHAHU [Austria/Italy]

Video: “Udu You Do” Live Concert @ Living Room sESSion

Our mission is to create Grooves, Beats, Breaks and Vibes to make you tap your feet, clap your hands and make your rear end wiggle!

A young connection project of PANHANDLER’s BEAT & MARCEL HUTTER