GRIASDI 2022 Handpan Gathering & Festival

In the summer of 2022 the already 7th edition of the “GRIASDI Handpan Gathering & Festival” will take place in Austria, Stadt Haag at the “Böllerbauerfrom August 12 to 15th.

In the last two years it was not easy for organizers of such events to not lose courage. The pandemic and our handling of it has shown us quite ruthlessly that there are only a few certainties in life. Planning recently feels more like a declaration of intent, far from any certainty.

What the GRIASDI organizers have decided in these times is that even if there are limitations to events, we will ALLWAYS fill the possible frame. Thats why there was (limited) Events in 2020 and 2021! Anything else than keep going with organizing would be giving up. And giving up is the last thing on our minds ….

Alexandre Lora | Manu Delago | Kabecao & Joao | MEA

For this year’s event the festival part is planned again. This means that there will be a lineup for 2 of the 4 event days. The program is still being worked on – only Manu Delago, Kabecao & Joao Nunes, Alexandre Lora and MEA are currently fixed as acts…

it remains to hope that the summer of 2022 will allow the framework for a fat festival and we will celebrate wonderful 4 days together, laugh and make music !

News about the event as well as the link to the GRIASDI ticket shop (probably available from the end of january) will be published here (and also in the “GRIASDI Facebook group”) soon.