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How to get thereARRIVAL by TRAIN / Shuttle Service

On Thursday from 14:00 to 18:00 and on Friday from 10:00 to 16:00 we offer a shuttle service from the train station STADT HAAG to the GRIASDI festival area. A cheap and recognizable “GRIASDI Shuttle/Taxi” will be waiting for you at the station….. more about how to get there ….


GRIASDI 2022 tickets are only available directly on site  (presale is finished) – there is no limited number of participants this year. cancellation of bought presale tickets is possible until 1 week before the event starts – latest on 4th august 2022 !

GRIASDI 2022 ticket prices (only cash payment on site possible! no limit of participants/tickets, no pre-registration possible/necessary)

  • 4 day ticket – 80 €
  • 2 day ticket (saturday/sunday) – 50 €
  • 1 day ticket (saturday or sunday) – 30 €
  • 1 day ticket (friday or monday) – 25 €

Children don’t need a ticket !

Dogs, if “festival suitable” are allowed – but please if possible on a leash. If dogs are unpleasantly conspicuous, we take the right to expel them from the site !

CAMPING & food and drink supply

The camping area available for tents and also campers is directly connected to the festival area. Of course, shower facilities and toilets are available for our guests. Drinking water is provided unlimited and without costs. Camping is included in ticket price !

During the whole event high quality food (mixed/vegetarian/vegan) and drinks will be offered at fair prices. From breakfast to midnight snack you will be well taken care of…

Workshops, Open Stage, Cacao Ceremony, Craft, Yoga, Soundhealing, …

More information on these offerings will be available on site. Registration for the workshops will also take place on site.

Available time slots for the “Open Stage” will be announced on site. We will also organize the playing of the Open Stage on site. Any “pre-registration” is not necessary !

Handpan Makers & Handpan retuning

More than 20 handpan makers (!!) from all over the world have announced their coming. For them, a separate area is available on the site – the “Makers Area”. There you will not only have the opportunity to try out various instruments, but you can also have your instruments retuned if needed ….


11.08.2022 | Thursday afternoon –> Early Arrival Day

12.08.2022 | Friday –> Day 1 (Open Stage, Workshops, …)

13.08.2022 | Saturday –> Day 2 (Open Stage, Workshops, Concerts*, …)

Saturday LIVE LINEUP (starting ~ 18:00):
* Andrea Szabadi
* Archer & Tripp
* Marcel Hutter
* David Kuckhermann

HP Workshops planned: Kabecao, Alexandre Lora, Quentin Kayser,…

14.08.2022 | Sunday –> Day 3 (Open Stage, Workshops, Concerts*, …)

Sunday LIVE LINEUP (starting ~ 17:00):
* Quentin Kayser
* Alexandre Lora & Conrado Molina & Friends
* Kabecao & Joao & Sebastiao

* (most likely) “After Show Dance Party” powerd by ‘DJ KAARUU’ [O.Lutz] – Kaaruu @ soundcloud

HP Workshops planned: David Kuckhermann, Marcel Hutter, Archer&Tripp, Andrea Szabadi,…

15.08.2022 | Monday –> Day 4 (Open Stage, Chill Out, …)

16.08.2022 | Tuesday –> Late Leaving Day

The “GRIASDI SPIRIT” – Consideration, Kindness and Sharing

GRIASDI is much more of a community event than a traditional festival. Through lived friendliness and mutual consideration of the participants, this wonderful atmosphere and cheerfulness, which is now referred to by some as “the GRIASDI Spirit”, has arisen again and again in recent years. With your help and your attention, this good atmosphere will be the basis of the GRIASDI again this year…..

expected WEATHER & Temperatures and Sun hours …

predicting the weather has been tried for a long time, but predictions are never certain !
At this time of year you can expect temperatures between max 30C during the day and min.15C at night. Sunrise will be about 6am, sunset at about 8:30pm.
By the way, Friday the 12th of August is full moon …

current 7 days weather FORECAST :

GRIASDI 2022 video invitations of the lineup artists:

KABECAO & Joao Nunes & Sebastiao Bergmann
Alexandre Lora
Quentin Kayser
David Kuckhermann
Marcel Hutter
Andrea Szabadi