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Important information for the gathering:

The festival-area will be open for you on wednesday 13:00.

We will organize a shuttle service from the nearest railway-station (“Stadt Haag” – its 1:30 from Vienna, 30 min from Linz) to the festival area from wednesday at 13:00 (1st day of arrival) till thursday at 13:00.

The GRIASDI 2017 Handpan Gathering & World Music Festival welcomes people from all over the planet for this years GATHERING & FESTIVAL in Austria !

4 days of music, sound healing, yoga, music making, workshops, discussion, community and concerts 

Others build walls, we tear them down – dingadongading !

Among the participants of the gathering, a LEAF handpan including the appropriate HCT case will be raffled. Each entry ticket is therefore also a great opportunity to really win a high-class handpan !

The GRIASDI is organized by PANIVERSE.ORG and is a declared NON PROFIT EVENT ! All earnings of this event will go to support the FRIENDS FOR NEPAL Aid Project

All Info about the GRIASDI 2017 Handpan Gathering & World Music Festival

The most valuable things about this event are neither the artists on the stage, nor the “success of the event”. The most valuable are the people who participate – and especially the encounters that will happen … and our sharing and try, to make the world at least a little better place (supporting the NEPAL Aid Project)
Peace and love – we are all ONE!