“BÖLLERBAUER” – and how to get there

It’s a beautiful place that will frame the GRIASDI in best way. The camping area (tents & campers) is directly connected to the festival area. The venue is a great mix of sunny meadows and shady places as well as indoor rooms….. a most beautiful location for sharing good times !

please also check the GRIASDI FAQs

Distances / How to get there:

  • VIENNA Airport1.5 – 2h by train, 2h by car
  • LINZ Airport1h 30min by bus/train, 40min by car
  • MUNICH Airport (Germany) – 4h 30min by train, 2h 30min by car
  • SALZBURG Airport  – 2h 30min by bus/train, 1h 40min by car

Comming to GRIASDI by train: The nearest Railway-Station is named “Stadt Haag” and is located just a few minutes by car from the festival area. From the Airports of Vienna, Linz and Salzburg this Railwaystation is easy to reach and takes between 40 minutes (Linz) to max. 2 hrs from Vienna Airport.

Travel to Austria: The nearest airport to the festival-area is LINZ (LNZ), but as far as we know, also the most expensive to fly in. Check out the pricing for flights to VIENNA (VIE) first to get probaly the best offers. Airport options are SALZBURG (SZG) and Munich (MUC) as well to get the best flight for you.