GRIASDI – HANDPAN & WORD MUSIC Gathering and Festival

The GRIASDI is a Handpan Community Event where the global scene of Handpan enthusiasts meets yearly. But it is also a HANDPAN & WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL – that welcomes absolutely EVERYONE who wants to enjoy a great time with beautiful concerts by musicians from all over the world in a peaceful atmosphere.

Musicians, Handpan Makers, Sound Healers, Sound Enthusiasts and all kinds of Handpan Enthusiasts from all over the world gather to spend 4 communal, peaceful and creative days accompanied by music and workshops at GRIASDI in AUSTRIA ( Stadt Haag, “Böllerbauer” ). The entire event is deliberately designed to be child- and family-friendly.

The event strives for a framework in which respectful encounter, consideration, voluntariness, joy, jamming, making music and creativity finds place and is promoted.

GRIASDI Handpan Gathering & Festival | Imagefilm © 2023

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David Kuckhermann @ GRIASDI 2022
IRMAOS LORA Alexandre & Douglas Lora (BR) @ GRIASDI 2023
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Amín Varkonyi & Marcel Hutter (AUT) @ GRIASDI 2022