GRIASDI 2023 Handpan Raffle

Only among the buyers of the GRIASDI 4 day pre-sale tickets (limited 222 pieces) 2 beautiful Handpan will be raffeled.

This year we got 2 great Handpans sponsored for the “GRIASDI Handpan Raffle”. One by Silviu, the Maker of “NALA’s Art Handpans” and one by Leo from “Mr.Pans” (former “biimoon”) !

With the purchase of pr-esale tickets, you help significantly to organize an event like the GRIASDI. With this raffle we would like to thank the buyers of the Presales Tickets for this support.

check out the Handpan sponsors of GRIASDI 2023:


NALA Handpans – Impressions

MR.PANS (formarly ‘biimoon’) | | |

Mr.Pans Handpan played by Marcel Hutter